Stef (firecat) wrote,

Adventures in mammography

I got a mammogram today. (It was normal.) I had a bit of a cut-up as a technician. At one point she was positioning my boob on the plate and she was apparently satisfied with the position because she said "Oh baby, yes." Then she said "I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to say that. I didn't say that out loud, I just thought it." I said "I didn't hear a thing."

She kept apologizing for the discomfort, so at the end, I said "You were very gentle, all things considered." And she said "Yeah, considering my job is to use a vise."

Some of the positions I had to take reminded me of noir films where people wearing fedoras and trenchcoats are leaning against a rail and smoking and there's a huge shadow on the wall behind them. So I thought that there should be a photography series where women are interacting with mammography equipment in outfits like that. I don't have enough photography talent to set it up though.

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Tags: funny, health
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