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BAKICIDW/LJ: Refocusing

Are there any books, web sites, communities, or apps for this? --> "Getting things done when you're depressed, easily fatigued, easily distracted, virtually unable to prioritize, and tending to have a problem with authority, including your own."

Are there any for this? --> "Relearning how to set and follow through with goals when you've forgotten how and have the issues mentioned above."

In the past I've tried and failed to be inspired by Flylady, Unfuck Your Habitat, Getting Things Done, TiddlyWiki, and various others. But if you have issues similar to mine and use them effectively, feel free to explain how.

I keep on top of small tasks using a reminder app (*and I need to remember that I used to have trouble with that, so my current state of frustration is actually a little distance down the road of where I think I want to go, so yay?*) but so far I haven't figured out how to make it work for bigger projects.

ETA: I'm mainly seeking recs for tools/books/communities that you have worked with. I know the guidelines (such as "break down the task" and "designate x minutes to work on the task") but I get into states where I have a hard time putting the guidelines into practice.

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