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In case you're keeping track

I'm back from my family reunion in Las Vegas, which was enjoyable.

I'm hopelessly behind on people's journals. From bits and pieces I've gathered, it seems that many people had stress and crisis at once.

If you care about having my input on what's going on with you, please follow up here so that I know to go read your journal.

I'm having my own fun stress and crisis, which I may or may not discuss another time.


Aug. 17th, 2002 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hey, you - I'd been wondering where you went off to. :] I missed you.

My life has been somewhat stressful, but largely crisis-free; actually, very little of interest has happened recently. In case you missed the news: myles_otter got laid off - not completely surprising, since the company he was working for was very financially unstable, but they gave him a severance package (remarkable, since he only worked there as a "permanent" employee for two months!) and he'll be getting unemployment, so we should be okay for a while longer. baxil moved down to the Sacramento area; he's up here this weekend to toss his stuff into a U-Haul. Um... I haven't had work since June, but folks at the office keep assuring me that I'll have plenty of work any time now, really. :\ And that's about it.

I'm sorry to hear that your life is stressful and crisis-like. :( *hugs* and take care, hon.

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