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The very important question of how to order bacon sandwiches

"Ethical sensitivity," a Buddhist perspective.
For me the challenge is how to do this and still promote social justice. (Promote social justice without getting constricted by anger over injustice.)
Ethical maturity for Buddhists has less to do with moral values than with enhanced moral sensitivity. In fact, I believe that adhering to moral values alone can hinder the development of ethical maturity. Buddhism certainly does put great importance on moral values, including the precepts. Buddhism’s cardinal ethical principle is to avoid causing harm. However, these values are often understood to be expressions of goodness flowing from a responsive heart, not rules of behavior originating in external sources of authority.
The impulse to cause harm brings with it a tightening, a limiting, a darkening of the heart....One of the most challenging Buddhist teachings is that nothing whatsoever is worth the cost of a contracted heart.
Ethical strength is developed by exercising it. In some circumstances this means restraint; in others, action. Sometimes it entails learning to say no; sometimes it is saying yes. And in situations where it is not clear how to act, strength may take the form of remaining present and committed to understanding.
Long, very good article on data privacy, which also has lots of cute animal pictures.

Charging people for the use of public defenders
The county charged the man $600 for his public defender. You probably think of that as a free lawyer for people too poor to pay for one on their own. But the NPR survey...showed that 43 states now allow defendants to be charged at least an administrative fee for the use of a public defender.

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