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Media Consumption Wednesday


1989 version with Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, and Jack Nicholson. I felt that it didn't age well. I liked the way Bruce Wayne was drawn, but there was a particular type of female character in a lot of 80s movies who was supposedly very competent but as soon as she got anywhere near an interesting man she turned into a wet rag, and I thought Basinger's character was like that. It's fun to watch Nicholson chew the scenery and wear purple clothes, though.


I am watching this because it has footnotes. That is, the DVD has a special mode that pops up annotations explaining Roman culture and history. Most of the explanations are basic but occasionally there are bits I didn't know.

I love most of the acting in this series and it's really beautifully filmed, but I'm getting sick of the blood and rape and "let's drive the plot solely by thinking of the worst thing that could happen to this character" so I'm glad I only have three episodes to go.


John McPhee, Basin and Range
I like most of the McPhee I've read (especially Uncommon Carriers) and I like geology, but they didn't mix well for me in this audiobook (and part of it was finding Nelson Runger's narration annoying). Anyway, I gave up on it.


Nora Roberts, Morrigan's Cross
Supposedly Nora Roberts' first paranormal romance series. This is a "listening in the bathtub" book. So far the characters are so formulaic it feels like I'm reading one of Jung's dreams or something. ("Oh, there's the Anima. Oh there's...") It's funny to listen to Dick Hill (also the narrator of the very American Jack Reacher series) trying to do an Irish accent.

Rex Stout, The League of Frightened Men
I wondered why this book wasn't as easily available as some other Nero Wolfe books. Perhaps one reason is that there's an Evil Cripple character. But there are some superb Wolfe–Goodwin moments.

Tananarive Due, The Good House

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