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State of the [personal profile] firecat: Happy. I went out and stood in the first rain of the season last night!

Comments left for others:
Things you don't want your doctor to say while peering into your body cavities: "Oh, wow."
Thoughts about Metropolis.
"Metropolis is, interestingly enough, the first feature length Science Fiction film. Also interestingly enough: it was written by a woman — Thea Von Harbou....Christian myths...are co-opted to emphasize a different meaning. That is, “The mediator between the Head (intellect/inventers) and the Hands (the workers) must be the Heart.” By ‘heart’ I can only guess Von Harbou meant ‘union negotiator.’ This is the film’s main message."

Monty Python and the Holy Grail censorship letter (I am really glad they didn't lose "I fart in your general direction" as suggested).

In the "What could possibly go wrong?" department, 23AndMe decides, a little too late, not to enroll all their customers automatically in their relative-matching service.

Via hitchhiker, a long, thoughtful post about how to make things and also make a living, a conversation that makers are always having." I need to spend a lot more time on this article and maybe I will write a separate post about it.

Jim C. Hines explains why he canceled a Reddit AMA in 2012 (Reddit was profiting from rape apologism), and why he is willing to do a Reddit AMA now.

Via [personal profile] sasha_feather: Check out this cool comic book art by disabled creator Larime Taylor. He draws with his mouth.

The following are via the prolific [personal profile] andrewducker:

A review of yet another book claiming to explain how cats think. Favorite line: "Some 85 percent of all cat matings, Dr. Bradshaw writes, are arranged by cats themselves."

A description of delayed sleep phase disorder. I have this although not quite as bad as the writer does. (I can fall asleep at 1:00 am if I try. I just don't want to try.) Fortunately, freelance tech writing/editing mostly lets me keep my own hours.

In his introduction to a book of nonfiction essays by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman explains that, contrary to appearances, Pratchett is angry, not jolly. This is, I expect, not news anyone who has read even one of his books. (Terry is quoted as saying: “Do not underestimate this anger. This anger was the engine that powered Good Omens.”) Still, I don't agree with the notion that if someone has a giant store of anger and also a store of jollity, that means they are "really" angry and "not" jolly.

For Bi Visibility Week, brief comment on bi invisibility in modern readings of Homer. Funny line: "Bisexuality...has become in some people's eyes a sort of Schroedinger's Cat of sexuality - bisexuals exist in a state of indeterminacy, either gay or straight."

(And in case anyone didn't know, I'm attracted to people of more than one gender, and have spent the last 30+ years being indeterminate that way.)

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