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Yep, I went to WorldCon too

  • Programming attended:
    • Two Married Authors: Who Does the Dishes? w/ Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller (good) Livejournal SIG (interesting)
    • Breathing Water: Technological Civilization in a Liquid Atmosphere w/ Patricia MacEwen, David Brin, China Miéville, Walter Jon Williams (very good)
    • SFWA Musketeers Swordfighting Demo w/ Elizabeth Moon and Lee Martindale, among others (silly)
    • Vernor Vinge's Singularity lecture (excellent)
    • Sapientizing Animals w/ David Brin, Vernor Vinge, Larry Niven, Terry Bisson, Terry Pratchett (dominated by Terry Pratchett, at least during the 20 minutes I stayed)
    • Torturing Your Characters w/ Lois McMaster Bujold, Carol Berg, Susan R. Matthews (excellent, especially Bujold)
    • History and Fantasy w/ LE Modesitt Jr, Jody Lynn Nye, Patricia A McKillip, R Garcia y Robertson (unprepared. Modesitt had some interesting things to say. Left when people in the audience started asking really lame questions)
  • Parties attended:
    • seamstress guild's party in honor of Terry Pratchett, in the con suite
    • rec.arts.sf.fandom
    • polyamory lounge
  • Dealers and artists patronized: 3
  • New books on to-read list: about 50
  • Nights spent at con: 3
  • Nights spent at home: 1
  • OHs driven home on Sunday evening because they had colds: 1
  • Rooms slept in: 3 (OH's room at hotel, OH's and my room at home, OH's cousin M and his partner R)
  • People hung out with for significant amounts of time: grumpywitch and her partner J, OH, OH's cousin M and his partner R
  • Some LJ people hung out with: rmjwell, nolly, patgund
  • Hugs exchanged: a few dozen
  • Incidences of "Oh my god, Stef! What are you doing here?" listened to: half dozen or so
  • Visual appreciation: a lot
  • Lusting: not much
  • Crushes initiated: none
  • Snogging witnessed: maybe a half dozen incidents
  • Snogging done: none
  • Sex: none
  • Writing goals strengthened by: 50%
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