Stef (firecat) wrote,

It's gift season, so I get to introduce cool art to nifty people

My friend Katherine Lampe is an independent author who writes a series called Caitlin Ross. The genre might be described as "small town paranormal fantasy". The difference between this and a lot of other paranormal fantasy is that the protagonists are humans with the ability to work magic in various ways, rather than undead or fairies (although various undead, faeries, and other supernatural characters do make appearances).

Katherine Lampe's books as trade paperbacks on Amazon, as Kindle editions, or as Smashwords DRM-free ePub editions. (The first two books are temporarily unavailable to buy directly from SmashWords, although I am able to buy copies as gifts.)

I want to introduce folks to these books so I'm offering ten folks a choice of the following:...

ETA: Gifts have been claimed! This post is now unlocked; comments are still screened.

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