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A Schrödinger's person posts linkspam

I'm a Schrödinger's person right now because Facebook says I am fake (even though I use the same name everywhere on the net) but it has let me keep my account for 7 days, after which I have to prove who I am to Facebook's satisfaction or be disappeared from Facebook, which means everything I ever posted there becomes invisible to other users, although Facebook gets to keep it.

Based on what I've heard from other people, Facebook is completely arbitrary with regard to what it will accept as proof (one person sent a copy of her driver's license and they rejected it), so even if I do decide to jump through that hoop, which I am disinclined to do, I still have no more chance of surviving on FB than Schrödinger's cat.

I have to decide what to do about this tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some linkspam.


I love these watercolor kitties!


OOOH SHINY (many pix of large crystals)

Laws, sausages, and computerized medicine.
This is a 5 part article, very long, and FUCKING BRILLIANT. Content warning for people with medical-treatment-based PTSD. The article makes clear that computerized medicine is often better than the systems it replaced, but it also complicates the lives of health care workers, and therefore patients, in many new ways.


This is a brilliant sociological analysis of dieting and fitness fashions, and their relationship to religion, and how we report and making stories about things, and one-color thinking, and so on.

I'm worried about posting it because I don't want to come across as saying "you, individual reader who does something like avoid gluten, are Wrong™." If you avoid gluten or eat a certain way because you feel better when you do that, that's different from making pseudo-scientific or moral claims about gluten/other way of eating.
But I want to post it because I absolutely love the way, every time the interviewer uses some buzz phrase, the interviewee calls out the phrase. (Example in first comment.)


I found it very hard to pick one bit to quote, and you really should read the whole thing if it has any relevance to you as a disabled person or an ally, but here's what I picked:

"You’re hyper-focusing on one part of a much larger problem when you use the term 'Big Pharma,' and to put it bluntly, you’re using a term that is steeped in ableism the vast majority of the time. Which, my allies in social justice for the disabled, I know you’re not intending to do. So please, listen to those of us in the actual fight, and as an ally please stop talking about 'Big Pharma.' It’s a buzzword that needs to go.


"Before you embark on the journey of decoding your bill, you might also want to have a look at a tutorial — Understanding Your Medical Bill — produced by the Khan Academy, an online educator, and the Brookings Institution in Washington. It’s a bit over 12 minutes. That’s about five minutes longer than the Khan Academy’s tutorial explaining Newton’s second law."

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