Stef (firecat) wrote,

A twist on the "books you'd bring to a desert island" question

A family member was visiting this week and he, the OH, and I were arguing a lot about various books, TV shows, and movies we liked. Even though we're all SFF fans, we couldn't all three find anything that we'd (a) all read/watched and (b) all liked. (We did agree on Star Trek: TNG and the first two Star Wars movies.) So we flipped it around and tried to find something we all agreed that we hated. That was also hard. It led to this game:

You are a person addicted to reading. You are stranded on a desert island.

On this desert island is also a book, or a series, or the entire ouvre of one author.

What book/series/author, if any, would you REFUSE to read, even if it were the only reading material on the island?


1. You have to have some familiarity with the work, set of works, or author you nominate. So, for example, no fair saying "Rush Limbaugh" if you've never at least started to read any of his books.

2. It's OK to diss works, but not other commenters.

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