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Non-newsy linkspam

"Non-newsy" because it doesn't contain any information about recent events such as the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality and the terrorist attack in Charleston.

The lives of people with high IQs: "greater intelligence does not equate to wiser decisions".

"Using less than a drop of blood, a new test can reveal nearly every virus a person has ever been exposed to, scientists reported on Thursday.
The test, which is still experimental, can be performed for as little as $25 and could become an important research tool for tracking patterns of disease in various populations"

Life imitates heist movies - a team of thieves is targeting expensive wine at fancy restaurants and wine detective Maureen Downey is on the case.

Only 5%?
"Hallucinations and delusions in the general population are more common than previously thought."

"The recent revival of urban protest has prompted a revival of that hoary urban legend, in which property owners and officers of the peace are the hapless victims, while targets of state terror are the aggressors. The riot is made out to be the root of all evils, the rioter the source of all maladies. But the legend quickly unravels in the face of the facts."

Agatha Christie's books are racist and ableist and other kinds of ist. And this article that talks about her genius is right.

"White people who wish to work in racial justice solidarity and who strive for allyship need to realize our fundamental responsibility to do more than simply 'call out' other White people. We must take up the long, difficult, often emotionally-exhausting work of calling them in to change."

A Plea for Culinary Modernism: "Why would I, who learned to cook from Culinary Luddites, who grew up in a family that, in Elizabeth David’s words, produced their “own home-cured bacon, ham and sausages . . . churned their own butter, fed their chickens and geese, cherished their fruit trees, skinned and cleaned their own hares” (well, to be honest, not the geese and sausages), not rejoice at the growth of Culinary Luddism?....The answer is not far to seek: because I am an historian."

"since over 90 percent of all soil bacteria can’t be grown in the lab, researchers have long been unsure just how they contribute to carbon cycling."

"All cellular species, from E. coli to fin whales, have a core set of genes in common. Viruses, on the other hand, have no such universal set of genes. When scientists gather genes from a virus that’s new to science, they often find that almost none of its genes bear any resemblance to any previously discovered viral gene. In addition, viruses often pick up new genes, either from other species of viruses, or from their hosts. When scientists isolate one piece of genetic material from an unknown virus, it can be difficult to determine where it came from."

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