Stef (firecat) wrote,

Belated enormous pile of Mad Max: Fury Road links

boltcutters, not keys
(spoilers for other Mad Max films and the game of thrones TV show)
(the scene narration is in a video, but there are a few interview questions in text)
(spoilers for other Mad Max films)
(this one was called out in one of the others as being annoyingly clueless)
(also somewhat clueless)

linked from previous article:
sees its feminist value but argues it's not all that feminist.
this one also argues it's not feminist (but multiple male commenters disagree with the female poster's argument)
about the MRA boycott
discusses how it's problematic.
Anita Sarkeesian's tweets on why Fury Road is not feminist
Arthur Chu's take (Contains spoilers for rest of Mad Max movies.)
The author was born without a left forearm.
For all your Mad Max: Fury Road cosplaying needs (check the Q&A's and reviews).
"He is, if anything, a Manic Pixie Dreamguy"

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