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Signed up for a lampworking class at Public Glass. It's on my birthday!

I tried to do it last year but it got canceled. Actually, I feel like my whole birthday got canceled last year. I was turning 40, and my birthday consisted of taking OH to the hospital for an elective surgery. But I've done several fun and worthwhile things for myself this year, so I'm making up for it, and the glass class will be another 5th decade present to myself.

Spent 3 hours shoe shopping on the web last night because my brain was fried and I needed a mindless activity. I now have a better understanding of Douglas Adams's concept of the "Shoe event horizon." I enjoyed the flame wars in the Zappo's Doc Martens reviews about whether it's worth it that Doc Martens are difficult (i.e., painful) to break in. Some people seemed to assign a spiritual value to the pain of breaking in their Doc Martens.

Got a smog check for my car. I've had the car four years, and the first two times I had the option of waiving the smog check if I paid the government a little convenience fee. This time I had to actually do it. I didn't have to submit any paperwork -- it's submitted directly from the smog check station to the DMV. And I got my registration over the Internet. Gaah. I have a love/hate relationship with networked databases.

Planned my trip to serenejournal's womboink in San Diego for next week. I'm being "leisurely" and taking two days to drive to San Diego. I'm going to be stopping overnight in Oxnard (mainly because it's about halfway, and it's not Solvang and not Santa Barbara, and it has a marina with an inexpensive hotel on it). I'm looking forward to traveling alone again, and meeting/spending time with many wombats, and spending time with my sweetie kyubi, who will also be there, and (not wombat-related) seeing loveandlight for the first time in, geez, something like 8 years.

On Saturday, went with my girlfriend N to the International Gem & Mineral show. Several hundred businesses selling jewelry, beads, and various other things, all stuffed into one building of the San Mateo Expo Center. Completely thronged with people of a wider ethnic variety than I usually see in one place in the Bay Area. Lots of Indian women in beautiful saris and other traditional garb. I love Indian costume and I wish I felt comfortable wearing it without feeling like a cultural vampire. A number of times at the show I tried to buy something and failed because I couldn't get the attention of someone who might be willing to sell it to me. I bought an amber chunk necklace.

Last night attended PolyShy, a support/discussion group for introverted polyfolks. We played a game where each person drew a card and answered the question on it. It was a good way to get shy folks talking; some of us tend to do better with structure built into a conversation. I kind of disagreed with the prevailing opinion at that particular meeting that there was something wrong with being slow to approach people one is interested in romantically and that shyness was equivalent to insufficient trust in other people. I've been realizing over the past while that I'm simply not interested in making fast approaches. I want to see how a person behaves over time, get a sense for them in the context of their social circles, and feel some familiarity with them before I'm willing to invest the energy of asking them to make room in their life for me.
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