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Sunday linkspam

Via [personal profile] umadoshi, More stories from the frontlines of misdiagnosing women's health conditions.

"It took nine months for Kathy to be diagnosed with potentially life-threatening uterine fibroids that required surgical intervention. And that was only after she took it upon herself to demand an ultrasound."
“I think it’s the same deeply rooted sexism that we see in other realms, like when it comes to not believing rape survivors. We don’t trust women to be the experts on their own bodies, or to be reliable narrators of their own lives.”
“There really are these two levels of gender bias happening. There’s the level of actual interactions with doctors and providers, where there’s this unconscious bias that makes them quicker to dismiss problems as psychological in women. But more broadly, there’s the bias in the medical and clinical research that means women’s health is underresearched.”

I found a couple more interesting ones while surfing from the original:


What it's like to work for Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend (an app that lets you design an SO who will then chat with you. The part of the SO is played by a lot of different people via a crowdsourced piecework site).

"a woman who works for the service previously told me she prefers playing the role of boyfriend because she knows what a woman wants to hear."


This one is a couple of months old. The game Rust originally had one avatar, which looked like a white man. Then they made a couple of more avatars, and assigned them to players at random. Some avatars looked like African Americans. Some of the gamers had a problem with this.

I would play this game to support what the company is doing, except a game that "plays like a cross between Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto" does not sound like my cup of tea at all.

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