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Wiscon 40 recap: the list

I went to Wiscon 40! This is a list of stuff I did. I will post more about the panels I was empaneled on and the panels I attended later.
Panels empaneled on: 
We All Start Somewhere: Welcoming Social Justice Newbies
Many people aren't born into families that talk a lot about or value social justice. We come from all different backgrounds with all different kinds of experiences. When someone wants to gain a better understanding of and start practicing social justice, how do we, as a community, welcome them and offer opportunities for education? How do we deal with the same basic questions over and over again? What do we do well? What could we do better?

Privilege in the Kitchen: Food Snobbery and Culinary Condescension
Foodieism is all the rage these days and while there's nothing wrong with making and enjoying good food, it seems to go hand in hand with a sense of condescension when it comes to cheap, simple fare; fattening foods (except for bacon, of course); and "poor food," the kind of thing prepared with a packet of this and a couple cans of that. Let us discuss economics, classism, racism, sizeism, and ableism in the ways we prepare, present, and talk about food.

Panels attended:
"Women and Trans/Non-binary people" : The Pitfalls of Haphazard Gender Inclusion
Attempts to create calls for submissions/lists of authors with marginalized genders have come under criticism for asking for "women and non-binary" or "women and transgender people". Adding trans and non-binary identities to "woman" often adds additional confusion for trans masculine people (are trans men included as "sort of women", or excluded as "not a marginalized gender identity"?). Does inclusion of non-binary identities with women imply that those identities are necessarily "feminine"? Does the addition of "trans" as a separate category imply that trans women are not members of the group that is ALL women? How can we more effectively promote the inclusion of transgender, genderqueer, or non-binary authors? 

Code switching
A discussion of how, why, and when a person code-switches — i.e., changes their language, words, accents, and thoughts depending on their audience. As fans, activists, writers, family members, and friends, how do we use code-switching to communicate? Can code-switching be useful in communicating across cultures, or is it disrespectful?

Diverse Creators, Not Just Diverse Products
A lot of cis, white, hetero men are realizing that diversity is a great marketing technique, so we're seeing more diversity in representation. Yet people of color, trans people, BLG people and others continue to be expected to educate privileged audiences for free, or to be silenced, or to be gatekept out of the limelight. It's still the cis, white, hetero men who get paid. Who's responsible — consumers, gatekeepers, The Market, or someone else? How can we change this system and help diverse authors, game designers, artists, editors and other creators actually make what we're worth?

You got race on my class! You got class on my race!
Race and class are two identities that exist in tandem, one never really trumping the other. What are the ways they intersect, diverge, conflict? What happens when our internal race/class state differs from an external race/class assignment — and what factors go into forming internal/external states in the first place? This panel will look at the realities of how we exist within and negotiate race and class without privileging either concept.

I Need Diverse Games: Year 2
It's been over a year and a half since #INeedDiverseGames took off, and the community hasn't stopped growing. The conversation around diversity in games hasn't gone away in that time. Let's look at how this conversation around diversity has risen, fallen, and acknowledge those who have been left out of the diversity discussion since our panel last year.

Parties attended:

Vid party
Vids are fan-created remix videos with something to say. They are also super fun. Come join us at WisCon's 7th annual Vid Party! As usual there will be a sing-along portion with subtitled vids, as well as short shows on various themes (to be announced).

By the bi
A venn diagram of non-monosexuals and fandom would put this party right in the fabulous middle. Come celebrate bisexual, pansexual, queer, unlabeled, and other non-monosexual identies in fandom. 

The Gathering tables visited: 
Nail polish swap
Book swap

Swims swum: 1
Friends hung out with: yes, yay! you know who you are!
New-to-me folks conversated with: 3
Concom jobs agreed to take on, for next year: 1

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