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Rickmanis interruptus

Sat down to watch Truly Madly Deeply with my OH. First time either of us has seen it. I was getting really into it, not just because I'm a slobbering Rickman fan (tho' I admit to that), but because it was seeming like a really interesting, intense movie. In fact I was getting into an emotional state I haven't felt in months and months and I've rather missed.

Uh oh -- OH isn't getting into it. Finally about 45 minutes into the movie he stops it and says he can't watch any more. I ask if he minds if I continue watching it on my own. He says I can if I want but he'd rather I didn't. I decide that since I'm going out of town tomorrow and we won't see each other for almost two weeks, I should spend time with OH instead of finishing the movie. But arrgghhh! it was really uncomfortable to thump unceremoniously out of that emotional state.
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