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We need a vornado in here

Some links about brain fog, via [personal profile] umadoshi

"Life Hacks for Brain Fog: Chronic Illness, Focus and The Professional Artist" and "Brain Fog Life Hacks: Out of Sight is Out of Mind" by Colleen Doran: These basically say (1) Keep your workspace organized and tidy, because disorganization adds stress; and (2) Make sure you can see anything that you need to remember about, because otherwise you'll forget about it. Of course, those are mutually contradictory... But anyway, I did like this clarification about brain fog:
It’s not that we can’t remember things, it’s that we have brain hiccups so we have to reinforce our memory, back it up like an engineer, and add sensation to the experience to make sure information sticks....Brain fog isn’t dementia, it’s misfire. Your deep memories are still there, but your working memory is shot....Organizing your studio so that you can have constant visual and tactile reinforcement for your memories and ideas will take the load off your working memory and give you more than one path in your head for what you need to remember.
And this one: "Brain Fog":
Brain fog isn’t just forgetfulness: it’s living in a bizarre twilight world where you are half in and half out of consciousness. Everything seems grey, and you don’t feel the passage of time. ( I could not remember the month, day or year it was.) You float through life, but it’s not a good feeling. You have an almost complete lack of awareness. You’re there, but you do not process what you’re experiencing. What memories you do manage to internalize seem as if they happened to someone else.

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Jan. 15th, 2017 11:35 pm (UTC)
This came along at a really important time. Thank you.

I'm trying to break through into being a professional artist but am finding that my "issues" are really making it hard. I did really well in school. But outside, I can't finish projects, the isolation of working alone makes it actually worse, I can't even get started unless someone else gives me a deadline. All of the executive function I'm having to muster to do art outside of school is actually making it unpleasurable, and I get an aversion to it sometimes and if I'm averse to something, then I'm stuck and I have trouble making myself do it. That's what some of my artist and writers blocks really end up being.

It's pretty bad. I'm trying to find workarounds, such as being part of online challenges and stuff, but think I actually need the reinforcement of having school assignments or hard work deadlines

I have so many books I want to write and drawings I want to make but I can't even get started. It's like I freeze, and just can't go on to the next thing. People don't grasp what executive dysfunction is really like - example - I haven't replaced the toilet paper in one of the bathrooms in two weeks, because even though every time I'm in there I think "this bathroom needs toilet paper," I can't make myself do it. I cannot make myself do things. No matter how much I want to do those things. No matter how much I end up regretting not doing those things. And if the thing requires any set-up or clean-up - such as painting - forget it! All of my mental spoons have been used up by just laying stuff out and pulling out my materials - that's a reason I only really blossomed as an artist after I got into Photoshop.

I'm at a point where I've exhausted all other options but to try to create professionally, so I'm really hoping I can break out of this and find workarounds.

Edited at 2017-01-15 11:37 pm (UTC)
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