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There has been a vacant lot next door to my house for five years. It was vacant, our real estate agent said, because the beautiful Heritage Oak on the property was protected by city law, and it would have been difficult to build a house around the oak.

Lot went up for sale a few months ago. Wanted to buy it, but it was way out of my price range -- they were asking more than I paid for my whole house, even though the lot was empty with no sewer or gas lines installed.

I asked the city whether the oak was still protected by law, and they said that it was, but it could be cut down if the owners petitioned that they could not make "economic use" of the lot while the oak remained in place.

This morning at 6:00 am they began cutting down the oak. The truck they're using says "Tree Care" on it. This is care? I keep hearing saws buzzing and great huge THUMPs. I'm so sad. I never even bothered to take a photograph of it. When will I learn that everything goes away?
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