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An update

Walked two good-natured Rottweiler mixes. Went to see Canadian Brass at Stanford Lively Arts. I didn't expect to like it all that much because I'm not historically a big horn fan. It way exceeded my expectations. What I liked best was the range of musical styles they were comfortable with, from baroque to jazz to pop. And I do mean comfortable -- I never got the impression that these were jazz musicians trying to play Bach or classical musicians trying to play Duke; they were excellent at all of it. They played a Glenn Miller medley and I finally appreciated what this big band music that I'd pretty much only ever heard on a tinny TV speaker or done over as muzak at the supermarket was really supposed to sound like.

I don't know how the OH and I managed to stay together for almost 11 years without figuring out that we are both big Duke Ellington fans.

After the concert we went to Heidi's Pies and ran into fannyfiga, kshandra, and the_ogre, who were recently from Flutterbi and thusly decked out in leather. I said to the OH afterward: "this is perfect -- I get to go hear really good music and then see people I like in naughty outfits without having to deal with any bad music and crowds of people standing around."

I was in a bad mood all day.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Played tourist with P in the City. We hit California Academy of Sciences and Morrisson Planetarium, the Japanese Tea Garden, Good Vibrations, Osento, and the SF Zoo.

When we entered CAAS, which currently has a big exhibit on skulls, we each got a "skull trading card" and a multiple choice quiz which we could answer for more trading cards. One of the cards was of a piranha skull, so we thought about getting that for perchingbird, but we didn't get around to it. So here's the picture.

I was sad to discover, during the planetarium show, that the planetarium will be closing for renovations, and the new planetarium won't have Morrisson's special star projector any more. It will have a new low profile one. Progress again.

We walked through the Japanese Tea Garden for about 20 minutes thinking that there weren't any carp in the ponds, which seemed very wrong. We finally saw some. Surprised they were doing so well, given the number of coins in the water.

The new lemur exhibit at the SF Zoo was almost as crowded as it was on Member's Night. We also enjoyed watching penguins chase dragonflies. I've never seen penguins swim so fast!

They chopped down the old oak next door.

The OH and I had a fight. It's no fun eating dim sum with someone who's not talking to you.

Hung out with D. She took me to Indian Rock in Berkeley, which we shared with some stoners, and to The Dry Garden nursery, where we hung out with a shop cat that needed a felony conviction for cuteness -- a white lynx point adolescent. Then hooked up with bastette_joyce. We spent some time that evening searching the web for sites devoted to the enjoyment of super-long fingernails. (Toldja I collected hobbies, didn't I?)

Also stressed about my to-do list and about how much time I spend on the net.

Did chemistry experiments in my bathroom that turned my hair bright red.

Pulled myself out of depression.

Post-vacation romance and cuddle deprivation depression. Wrote poetry.

Drove home from San Diego, listening to an audio tape of James Ellroy's The Cold Six Thousand (which I don't like very much, but feel determined to finish) and to whatever I could find on rock radio between there and here.

When I was young, I loved driving long distances alone. I felt free in a way I couldn't get at in other ways. Then I stopped loving it because it made me stiff and sore. I think I'm back to liking it again. Maybe because I'm generally stiff and sore anyway, so what difference does it make. :-)

Wednesday through Monday
San Diego and womboink. I had a great time and now I have even more journals to feel guilty about not keeping up on.
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