Stef (firecat) wrote,

swiped from blackfyr
1. How long have you been on LJ?
Since February 2001, with a six month hiatus between November 2001 and April 2002.
2. What is the real purpose of your journal?
To distract myself, entertain others, encourage thinking, and Seek the Holy Grail.
3. How much of you life do you really chronicle? bits and pieces? Most of it? All of it? Only certain aspects?
Bits and pieces.
4. Do you ever fear that friends or family, co-workers or the like may happen upon and read your journal and be influenced in their opinions of you by what they read?
I assume some of them will. I wouldn't say I fear it. I sometimes friends-lock relatively innocuous stuff because I'd prefer family and co-workers not to come across it accidentally. If they actually work at finding it, then I figure they deserve what they get.
5. Do you ever NOT post something because you're afraid of how people will take it?
6. Is there anything too sacred to share with the general journal reading public?
7. Are there people on your friends lists whose journals you seldom read, but possibly skim only once or twice a week? (Don't name them..)
I have a very small list of people whose journals I try to keep up with, and I pretty much skim all the rest.
8. How often do you comment and how do you decide whether to comment?
If I think I have something useful, interesting, thoughtful, helpful, or amusing to say and time to say it, I comment.
9. Do you expect all of your friends to read all of your posts? (Barring LJ cut stuff, quiz results and surveys like this one)
Good grief, no. Most of my friends aren't even on LiveJournal, and the ones who are have all indicated they don't keep up with everything all the time. On the other hand, I do worry that people on my friends list might assume I've read everything they posted.
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