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Never did watch any football today. Attended the OH's poly-folks dim sum outing. Other attendees included fannyfiga and leandra333.

Napped, spent a lot of time posting to alt.poly, watched a fairly predictable Hong Kong fantasy romance movie called Midnight Express, in which Michelle Yeoh had far too small a part, and ate pizza.

The folks who made my touchable scarf are called Knitz & Leather and they're located in San Francisco.

Here are some other URLs from cards I picked up at the Celebration of Craftswomen:

Bonnifide Designs handmade glass beads and jewelry. The card says "Turning ordinary silicates into an incredible waste of time" and "This is what I did instead of finishing pharmacy school. Ease my parent's pain...Buy Beads Today!" (Whoops, thisone is still under construction. Oh well.)

Terryow-Wing Designs Fused Glass Art

Vicki Leon Glass Design
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