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the cat & dragon rag

litter & tinder

50ish, fat, white, poly, queer, demi-pansexual, disabled, genderqueer, butch kitty. Pronouns: ze/zir, they/them (whichever offends your sense of grammar least). Pink and green. Feminist. Trying to get a grasp on privilege. Pagan agnostic Buddhist. Wordsmith by trade. Frequently cranky. Frequently charmed. I used to have deep ambivalence about Hello Kitty; now I have deep ambivalence about steampunk. I like to volunteer for the local animal shelter, play with beads and wire, knit and crochet, write poetry. Fannish interests include Babylon 5, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek.
Posting habits:
Some of my posts are filtered, mainly so that random relatives, colleagues, and robots don't stumble across unwanted bits of information about me by accident. I grant access to most sentient life forms who subscribe.
Subscription habits:
Not subscribing to new folks on LJ right now.
Moderation policy:
I rarely mess with comments in my journal but I will do so if I see things I don't want, including othering, personal attacks, and promotion of weight loss.
Other places you might be able to find me, in alphabetical order.
Dreamwidth: http://firecat.dreamwidth.org (I post links to some of my Dreamwidth posts here)
Facebook (ask me)
Fetlife (ask me)
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cat-and-dragon/
GoodReads: (firecat) http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/267223
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/firecatstef/
Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/people/firecat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/firecatstef
Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/firecatstef

&, 2001: a space odyssey, 70s rock, a fetish for nuance, adorbification, affective disorders, aging, alan rickman, alison bechdel, alt.polyamory, alzheimers, ambivert, amplectere potestem "et", andy scott, animal intelligence, animal rescue, anime, answering rhetorical questions, audiobooks, babylon 5, badtz maru, beading, bellies, body diversity, buddhism, cameo glass, carl brandon society, cassandra, cat goddesses, cats, charlotte bronte, cheese, coffee, cognitive dissonance, collage, collecting other people's hobbies, common sense, compassion, curiosity, cute fat people, devotion, disability, dog agility, electric guitar, etymology, evolution, fandom, fantasy, fat, fat activism, feminism, flying spaghetti monster, geek answer syndrome, gender, gender-neutral pronouns, genderfuck, genderqueer, genetics, glam, haiku, hair, hello kitty, holding hands, how things are made, intersectionality, j.r.r. tolkien, judi dench, knitting, linguistics, mac, mindfulness, miss manners, mondegreens, monty python, moocs, mutual degrumplement, neurodiversity, neuropsychology, no dharma, noir, non-sexual intimacy, nonduality, overlooked interiority, pansexuality, peets, percussion, photography, poetry, polyamory, privilege, purple, queer, quotes, re-railing, rhetoric, romantic friendship, rumi, samurai, san francisco, sandman, sanrio, science fiction, sexuality, shapeshifting, sherlock holmes, silence, social justice, spacebabe, speculative fiction, spock, spoon theory, star trek, sumo, swimming, techshop, the bechdel ginger benchmark, the non-shit ten percent, the sweet, therianthropy, tiptree, tropes, unintentional communities, ursula k. le guin, usenet, vampires, water, werecreatures, what makes people tick, wind energy, wings of desire, wireworking, wiscon, wombabes, wombat, wombats, xenophilia, yarn